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RTS, we understand the value of the network that powers your business. We design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

Solution design & professional services

At RTS, we prioritize understanding your business and keeping a pulse on your direct competitors. Our commitment is to fulfill your management's requests and deliver top-notch IT solutions and expertise throughout the project duration.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including hardware, software, networking, consultancy, training, maintenance, ERP, Artificial Intelligence equipment, program/project management, and support. This complete digital solutions package is designed to meet the highest quality standards and cater to your organization's specific needs.

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Managed services

At our company, we prioritize delivering the best possible experience to our business partners, regardless of their location or bandwidth limitations. We have a clear vision of what IT Services Management should entail, and we leverage our expertise to create a platform that is easy to use, maintain, manage, and operate. Business entities face mounting pressure to operate efficiently, which requires finding alternate delivery models that reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and deliver higher quality while accommodating ongoing growth. RTS Managed Services offers a unique and flexible delivery model for managing the digital operations of your organization. Our highly skilled team can scale up or down based on your business progress, optimizing your operational expenses.

To ensure the security and compliance of all systems, we adhere to ISO 27001 standards for Information Security Management Systems. By partnering with RTS Managed Technology Services, you gain access to customizable processes, tools, systems, and highly skilled Subject Matter Experts, along with 24x7x365 support services.

Our Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Services

At Royal Technology Solutions, we take pride in our extensive range of specialized services, delivered by a team of exceptionally skilled engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our service offerings include:

  1. Data Center Audit
  2. Uptime Certification
  3. Power Quality Audit
  4. Power Quality Audit
  5. Thermography Audit
  6. Data Center Cleaning
  7. Ongoing Data Center Maintenance

With our team of highly qualified professionals, we ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your data center infrastructure. Choose Royal Technology Solutions for expert support and maintenance you can trust.

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Data Center Management Support
and Services

At RTS, we specialize in a wide range of solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your data center operations. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering tailored support and services to meet your unique requirements. Here is an overview of the key areas we address:

Data Center Monitoring and Maintenance

Data Center Security

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Energy Efficiency

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Consultancy and Advisory Services

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring ensures the prompt identification and resolution of potential issues within your data center infrastructure.

Proactive Maintenance

We perform regular inspections, testing, and preventive maintenance to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

Environmental Monitoring

We oversee critical environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and power usage to maintain ideal operational conditions.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional data center management support and services. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our team assist you in optimizing your data center operations for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Program and project management

At Royal Technology Solutions, our mission is to empower our clients in achieving their strategic business goals by harnessing the power of infrastructure technologies. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value by understanding and surpassing customer expectations. As part of our commitment, we employ the discipline of Applied Project Management to ensure optimal outcomes.

Program and Project Management lie at the core of our service offerings, enabling us to meticulously plan, execute, monitor, control, and successfully conclude projects. Our expertise in these areas ensures timely completion, adherence to budgets, and utmost client satisfaction.

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Our disciplined approach is

Rooted in industry
best practices

Tailored to each client’s
unique needs and requirements

Supported by a team of highly skilled
and experienced project managers

Enabled by a Continuous Process
and Service Improvement corporate mindset

Streamline Your Projects with
RTS Comprehensive Program and Project Management Services cover a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:

By Leveraging our expertise in Program and Project Management, we provide our customers with the confidence and assurance they need to achieve their goals and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business environment

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gathering and

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03 ───

Stakeholder and

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and mitigation

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planning and


Quality assurance
and control

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Cost and

Support & Maintenance

At RTS, we take pride in our highly skilled and extensively trained technicians and engineers with unparalleled expertise in managing and optimising cutting-edge systems. Bid farewell to uncertainties and embrace top-notch solutions tailored specifically for you!

Our Services

Operations And Maintenance

  • Regular Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting And Repairs
  • Software Updates And Upgrades
  • Documentation And Reporting

Annual Maintenance Services

  • Inspection And Assessment
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repairs And Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Support
  • Software Updates And Upgrades
  • Documentation And Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Service
  • Spare Parts

Critical Environment Services

  • Power Management
  • Cooling And HVAC Systems
  • Fire Detection And Suppression
  • Monitoring And Surveillance
  • Maintenance And Repair
  • Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity
  • Compliance And Regulatory Support

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